Spa essences

Relax and enjoy the multiple variety of high-end hotels with spa in the Algarve. 

The most luxurious 5 star properties in the region offer authentic havens of tranquility  with their top quality spas and let’s face it… when you’re in the Algarve, why not enjoy some relaxing time getting pampered?

Seems to rude not to, right? Don’t worry, the Jumpy Little Monkey is here to help you and we know quite a few locations we can recommend.

Outdoor shopping mall

Nowadays shopping means wandering around at leisure, taking in the atmosphere, stopping for a light meal, and perhaps lingering to go to the cinema later on, Jumpy Little Monkey, your local transfers algarve company offers easy access to these places.

The Algarve has adapted to modern tastes, and today has first class facilities where everything is at hand. 

Examples of this are the “Forum Algarve” shopping center in Faro with approximately 100 shops with cinema around a plaza decorated with water fountains, and restaurants offering Portuguese and international cuisine

“Quinta Shopping” smaller, but exquisite situated in Quinta do Lago Resort, you can find cosmopolitan boutiques, luxurious furniture shops, restaurants offering the ultimate eating experience for sophisticated tastes, and, to chill
out in the evening, a typical English pub.

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